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Re: pwdb breakage

Cristian Gafton writes:
>If _without_ shadow argument, pam_pwdb will read the /etc/shadow if
>present and honor that. but when it comes to changing the passwords, it is
>hard to determine if you want to keep shadow or you want to unshadow your
>system. So at this poit, _if you are running shadow and intend to keep it
>that way_ you will have to provide the 'shadow' argument.

There should be an explicit argument, say "passwd", to indicate that
you wish to migrate away from shadow.  The default should be, as I
was told before that it would be, to leave passwords where it found
them, modulo the shadow rules if /etc/shadow exists.

It is important that the default be, in the presense of /etc/shadow,
to follow the shadow spec.  Other options (which are great and ought
to be there!  I'm very glad that they are there!) should be just that,



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