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PAM Module for NT Authentication (pam_smb v0.6)

I have released a new version of my PAM module that authenticates users in
a domain using an NT server, this allows all common services on a pam
enabled system to be authenticated remotely ... 

Anyone using this module is asked to upgrade to the latest version due to
a possible bug with some test code that remained in the previous version,
Also the new version compiles and works under glibc2 ( at least on redhat
mustang ) .... There is also a new README file which hopefully is of use

We are using it here so users can logon to Linux/NT boxes without us
having to keep two sets of passwords. Users still require password entries
on the Linux boxes but *'ed passwords should work or if a password entry 
exists it will try to use this first and then the remote server is this

Current version is at:

E-mail me with any comments or problems, I can't promise they'll get fixed
but at least I'll know about em :-)


------------ David Airlie, David.Airlie@ul.ie,airlied@skynet --------
Telecommunications Research Centre, ECE Dept, University of Limerick \
http://www.csn.ul.ie/~airlied   -- Computer Engineering Postgrad      \
--- TEL: +353-61-202695 -----------------------------------------------

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