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Re: non interactive password change

pam is not a tool for "changing passwords".. :)

if you really want to do this..

there's a few problems with changing passwords via the web..

1. the web server shouldn't be running as root (if it is, you should fix that

2. you'll have to switch the userid of the process dynamically.. again... nice
little security problem waiting to happen..

mind you, thats if you have passwords stored in local passwd/shadow files..

i use kerberos for system passwords and hence, can use kpasswd to change
passwords.. not as big of a security issue.. (I don't do this though)

in a note.. unless you're using something that integrates well..
i'd advise against changing passwords via the web..

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On Nov 4,  5:14pm, Tomas Heredia wrote:
> Subject: non interactive password change
> Hi all!
> 	I need to change user passwds via WEB. Does anybody know how
> to change passwds non interactively using pam?
> TIA!
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