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Re: Xauthority

Jason Pfeil writes:
>As we all know, Xauthority is a much stronger X access control method than
>is xhost.  However, I am unable to get it to work properly under RedHat.
>I had problems with it under RH Linux 4.1 and now also under 4.2.  Does
>anyone have any suggestions?  I had it working fine under Slackware 3.1
>and 3.2 using xauth to create the .Xauthority file and using
>$HOME/.Xauthority as the Xauthority information file.

First of all, this has nothing to do with PAM.  Please consider taking
this question to redhat-list@redhat.com.  Please also see
for a longer explanation of what PAM is and isn't; I'm hoping it is

Second, I use xauth all the time and have never had any trouble at all
with xauth under Red Hat Linux, any version.  Look at the vc you started
X from (probably by typing ctl-alt-F1 from within X) and see if you are
getting errors trying to set up xauth.  If you can't figure out what to
do based on those errors, please ask on redhat-list, or on c.o.l.setup,
or in some other appropriate forum.  Thanks!


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