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Re: ssh with pam support..

Matt wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Andrew Morgan wrote:
> > 	1. go to www.replay.com (in the Netherlands) and
> > 	   download the appropriate ssh RPMs.
> ftp://ftp.dhp.com/pub/dhp-dist/ssh-1.2.21.spec
> ftp://ftp.dhp.com/pub/dhp-dist/ssh-1.2.21.pam.patch

You need to insert     ^--   /linux/  here.

These patches are also for Linux-PAM < 0.59, and only provide simple
username/password based authentication.

The patches I submitted are a substitute for Linux-PAM-0.59+ and are
an experimental attempt to build in better PAM compliance - they
create a PAM mode of authentication to complement the existing
official modes.  I'll try and provide patches for 1.2.21 when I next
come up for air. ;^) Of course someone else might like to do the
donkey work....


new job - new sig file under construction...

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