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Re: ssh with pam support..

> > ftp://ftp.dhp.com/pub/dhp-dist/ssh-1.2.21.spec
> > ftp://ftp.dhp.com/pub/dhp-dist/ssh-1.2.21.pam.patch
> You need to insert     ^--   /linux/  here.

My fault, it was late. 

> These patches are also for Linux-PAM < 0.59, and only provide simple
> username/password based authentication.

Also as a quick clarifier, they are the patches from the ssh mailing list
that were posted awhile back, I patched them into 1.2.21 and they work. 
For password authentication, they work, and work well.  I am successfully
using this SSH with the kerb5 password authentication pam module.  This
allows network authentication via PAM.

My current problem with pam is allowing people to migrate from Unix
passwords (anykind) to kerberos passwords.  How would I construct the
config file to accept a password from one auth method and write it with
another, deleting the old password at the same time.  This needs to be
done with two seperate modules as I am migrating from shadowed passwords
to kerberos passwords.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Or am I making a custom
version of the passwd program?

 -Matt (panzer@dhp.com)  --  DataHaven Project - http://www.dhp.com/
  "That which can never be enforced should not be prohibited."

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