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Re: Disallowing root FTP logins (off topic)

(Sorry for the length of this)

> If you don't mind my asking, why in the heck do you need to ftp to
> localhost as root? Surely whatever your think that'll get you can be
> accomplished some better way...

Well, yes but I means I have to *quit* XEmacs !!! (the horror!)

Basically if I could open files as root on the localhost with ange-ftp (a
mode that creates a kind of ftp "virtual file-system") I could then use
root privileges from my `normal-user' XEmacs session.  

I'd be happy with starting a shell buffer and "su"ing to root from within
XEmacs (and then editing files in vi or something) but su doesn't seem to
work from within a XEmacs shell buffer (some kind of tty screw up there
too).  Plus I can't just "shell-suspend" XEmacs and su at the shell prompt
to start a root privileged editor because for some reason with Red Hat
Linux (since 1.2.13) I'm unable to suspend XEmacs (when running it in a
console) with Ctrl-Z - and then do "fg" to get it back.  This only works
as root - a normal user can't do it (another tty pty ttyp permissions
weirdness thing? This has been reported by me and several others on the
XEmacs list and to RH but no one has any reports of how to fix it -
apparently on *some* RH systems it's not a problem but no-one can detect a

What I have to do now if I want to edit files with root privileges is to
*quit* the XEmacs session I'm in and su, start vi ;-), etc. Since I
usually telnet in, connect to a Xemacs that's already running under my
normal userid with gnuattach - and then edit away - it would be convenient
to edit files as root occasionally.

Anyway this is all off topic for pam which is a most EXCELLENT
authentication system BTW.

========= GUI? ============

With NT 5.0 coming out NT 4 books are cheap these days ... never having
used NT I bought "Mastering Windows NT Server" (for 7$) to check out some
of the UI features and kind of compare the "ease of use" stuff with
Linux/BSD etc. Umm, am I biased or just dreaming - the only thing NT seems
have that these free Unices don't is a lot of mouse clicking panel
widgets. Are there any quicky hacks using python/TK or gtk/python to
create a GUI for configuring PAM?

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