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Re: PAP and PAM

Tuomo Pyhala writes:
>I would like to find a pppd which has support for PAP authentication with
>PAM. I've tried pppd-2.3.1 but can't get the PAM support working. I've
>also seen pam patches for pppd-2.2.0f, but all pre2.2.0g version have
>nasty bug which causes pppd sometimes hang [eating all cpu it can get, and
>also it wont free the modem line].
>If anyone knows pam patches for 2.2.0g, or how to get 2.3.1 pam support
>working, please mail me.

All the PAM support in pppd that I've seen was written by someone with
no apparant concern for standards, and they violate the PAM standards in
a way that causes them not to work with recent versions of PAM.

Re-doing the patch correctly has been on my list of things to do for a
long time now...  :-(

Where did you get 2.3.1 from?  I'll try to put fixing it higher on my


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