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I have two small, naive questions about "pam-aware" programs.
(The docs, such as SAG, write as though all programs are "pam-aware" (-: )

1.  Is there a test (program) for determining whether a program is
    pam-aware.  (I realize that one can read the docs, or look
    in the source code, or possibly use the /etc/pam.d/other and
    log to a file...but I was curious if there exists a way to
    examine a binary for its "pam-awareness"?

    As best as I can tell, a program is "pam-aware" only if
    a person has explicitly coded the pam conversation functions
    into a program.  It does not come "for free" as it were.
    Is that right? (Someone suggested that the getpw* functions
    in a program would make it pam-aware.  That doesn't sound

2.  Given that a program is pam-aware, then how can one tell which
    of the four modules that are available?  Doesn't it again depend
    on whether someone has programmed them in?

(I have read the SAG - three times - and the RFC, and followed the
list discussion, so you do not need to answer from first principles).


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