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Re: PAP and PAM

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

I hope i just got PAM support working in pppd and my rh4.2, but i would
like to ask some questions, i haven't been programming with c for some
time, and my english ain't perfect either, so i may have misunderstood you

> It tries to pass the password in using PAM_AUTHTOK, but the framework
> doesn't let PAM_AUTHTOK pass into or out of the application as a
> security measure.

So i can safely ignore this line from old code?

(void) pam_set_item (pamh, PAM_AUTHTOK, password);

> Instead, you need to implement a conversation function that just
> assumes that a request to get text with echoing turned off is a
> request for the password, and pass it in that way.  I'm including
> such a conversation function, just plug it in and play.  Make sure
> that you call pam_start with the username specified so that it
> doesn't ask the conversation function to get the username.

So this implementation of conversation function should be fully ok, when i
have password in PAM_password?

Does PAM write the utmp/wtmp entries or should this be done by the

And i have never made any patches, how do i make those patches correctly?

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