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Re: PAP and PAM

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Tuomo Pyhala wrote:

> And i have never made any patches, how do i make those patches correctly?

I do not know the answer to any of you other questions but here is the 
answer to the patch question.

make a directory tree named ppp-2.3.0-orig that is pristine. 
Do the same for the ppp-2.3.0 tree. You should now
have 2 trees that are identical. Now modify the ppp-2.3.0 tree.
Whan you are done do a
diff -uNr ppp-2.3.0-orig ppp-2.3.0 > whatever_you want_to_name_the_patch.

If you are interested the command is from the Maximum rpm book approx pg 286.

The above assumes you are working on ppp-2.3.0 and you have no previous
patches that you wish to be included but kept seperately. If you have patches
that you wish to remain in the src tree but want them listed and applied 
seperately you must include them in both src trees. That way you start with 2 
identical src trees. 1 to modify and one as a reference to diff from.

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