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Re: pam-aware

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

>    2.  Given that a program is pam-aware, then how can one tell which
>        of the four modules that are available?  Doesn't it again depend
>        on whether someone has programmed them in?
> Yes, it depends on how they've programmed it in.  In an ideal world,
> you'd determine this by reading the documentation which came with the
> program, assuming the programmer had the good taste to update the man
> pages and other documentation when he/she made the changes to include
> PAM support.  :-)

Thanks for the clarification/confirmation.  

And also thanks to Nigel for the idea of how to identify pam-aware
programs.  It made it possible to discover that ftpwho and ftpcount in the
wu-ftpd package are pam-aware (but I could not find any documentation that
even mentioned it), so now I can look into the source if I want to see
what modules are actually coded into it. ( well, there was my existence
proof against the ideal world. (-: )

Would it be meaningful to make a little "pamquery" program that would
probe an executable for the different PAM modules?  


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