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I've stolen a few minutes to merge a bunch of patches from Cristian
into 0.59.  One or two of them were show stopping bugs in libpam_misc
and various modules so 0.59preC is hopefully much better than

I've changed job which means putting the source on ftp.kernel.org
makes much more sense to me now, so you will find the file in


The new Linux-PAM home page is


Remember anything with a pre in the name should be considered toxic
and only tried by people that don't mind having to later reinstall
their system ;)

Cristian will be building an rpm file for this pre-release.  He will
announce that when he is ready.



PS. Other things I'm maintaining are still located on parc.. I will
move them eventually to kernel.org, but for the moment I am too busy ;)
new job - new sig file under construction...

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