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Re: Kerberos and PAM

> I am trying to allow printing over Samba for about 
> 6,000 different users.  I want to have one machine that will be
> a Samba server and all these users will have to be authenticated
> via a campus-wide Kerberos server...
> I think I want to add a PAM module to authenticate the users.
> Does anybody out there know anything about doing something
> like this?  Anybody out there use the Kerberos PAM module?  Also,
> can I use the Kerberos module and make it *only* work for Samba?
> I would also have to have some login accounts in the /etc/passwd
> file for administrators...

	There are Kerberos IV and Kerberos V PAM modules available.  There
should be a link to them on the Linux-PAM home page.  I don't have much
experience with either, but I'm looking to use Kerberos V in the near
	As for Samba, you'll either have to find a Kerberized Samba, or
use a PAMified Samba with a Kerb PAM module.  And yes, AFAIK, you *could*
only use the Kerb module for Samba, if you had a PAMified Samba. 

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