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Kerberos 4 authentication

First of all, I need to know where to download the latest version
of pam_krb4... and the last one I downloaded, it said that the
Makefile wasn't a top-level makefile.  Do you need to compile it
with the rest of PAM?

I have the standard RHL4.2, so that means that I have a PAMified
Samba.  I know that kerberos works on this system (I have the
/etc/krb.realms and /etc/krb.conf) because I use some other
Kerberos tools on the system.  

Getting Samba to authenicate using the campus-wide Kerberos server
instead of the password file is the big stumbling block in our
printer project.  We are going to put 45 HP5Si's around in all of
our dorms here at Tech and we are going to provide printing services
for 6,200 students and the whole thing is going to be run by a very
fast Red Hat Linux server.

I am willing to work with somebody until I get this working...
this is very important to us...

Kirk Bauer -- Georgia Tech -- kirk@kaybee.org <== Finger for PGP
   http://www.kaybee.org/~kirk/html        ResNet RTA

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