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Re: PAMifying network apps

Mike Frisch <mfrisch@saturn.tlug.org> wrote:
>Can somebody tell me what the standard procedure is to PAMify a network
>application whereby the standard PAM mechanism for prompting for a
>password cannot be used?  In particular, I would like to PAMify a simple
>daemon like "poppassd" (the Eudora password changing daemon) to get a
>start on PAM.
>I've checked the FAQs and sample code and cannot see an example of this.

I've written code to do this and put it in quite a few apps.  If you
have Red Hat, you can look at the source rpms for imap, xlockmore,
and several other programs that are protocol-limited to username/password
checking.  The srpms in Red Hat Linux 4.2 work with the old PAM conventions,
and the latest srpms in the devel tree work with the new PAM conventions.
The new conventions are simpler.

Feel free to copy the conversation function I wrote.  It requires only
one file-scope variable to pass the password into the conversation


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