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Re: PAMifying network apps

Mike Frisch writes:
>I grabbed the source for xlockmore from the "mustang" directory on
>ftp.redhat.com and looked at the PAM patch.  I extracted the relevent bits
>to a test program, but was getting auth errors where there shouldn't have
>been.  I haven't had time to look at it since, but I may post the same
>program here for the world to point out my errors if that's ok.

Are you using Mustang?

>Is this procedure you're using documented anywhere?  I am not afraid of
>reading docs, but I just haven't been able to find them.

Well, it's documented in the comments; it's simple.  It's just pass
the username in as an argument to pam_start, and assume that an
echo-off request is a request for the password, and pass the
password in when you get it.  The rest of it is a standard conversation
function as documented in the PAM docs.


"Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded by the
 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz

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