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State of play?

I'm a newcomer to PAM, I've read some (mostly old) documentation about
PAM and I get the impression it is alive and well in Linux and Solaris
2.6, and a few other unixes, but I'm interested in something that will
work with Novell and NT as well.  

Is PAM creeping into NT, Netware, OS/2, OpenVMS?  I'm thinking of
either the situation where a PC user logged on to a Netware server can
mount some files from a Linux server, or using an "rsh-like" facilty on
Solaris to access VMS applications, without heavy adminstration work on
the part of staff and users when accounts are added or passwords

Do I misunderstand what PAM is trying to do.. is this really more a job
for something like NDS or some hack/port of nis?? So...

 what system is the best at the moment (and what looks the one most
 likely to come up trumps in the future) across as many of: Solaris,
 Linux (with mars_nwe & Samba), Netware, OS/2 and Win3/95/NT as possible?

Mark Aitchison,                 \_   Phone: +64 3 364-2947 home 337-1225
Dept of Physics & Astronomy,    </     Fax: +64 3 364-2469  or  364-2999
University of Canterbury,      /)   E-mail: phys169@csc.canterbury.ac.nz
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.    (/'     www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/~physmsa

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