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Re: incompatibility with Sun's implementation of PAM

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:

> > This is a real pain.  If you would like to see the OSF-RFC p20 top of the
> > page, you will see that we are compatible with the original RFC.
> So we are the victim of a silent spec change.. The Solaris/XSSO

[stay with spec]
> Cut our losses and break binary compatibility (after all we are still

[use our own spec]
> Alternatively, we could take the position that more people use Linux than
> use Solaris, and the installed base of Linux machines running PAM is "much"

> Two extremes, please discuss...

Tempting though it may be to go our own way, I really think that we'd gain
more by maintaining code compatibility with the original spec, changed
though it may be.

a) Sun is still viewed by the commercial world as more 'professional' than
   the Linux community or RedHat.  So if they played their cards right,
   they could be successful in laying the blame for this incompatibility 
   at the feet of the Linux community.

b) Porting modules across platforms is my primary concern, ie, should Sun
   come out with a really funky thing to do with PAM, it would be really
   nice for Linux to follow suit easily.

c) Most people who are using PAM, albiet unwittingly, are users of RedHat
   RPMs, which are perfectly capable of doing what needs to be done with
   a minimum of fuss.  Developers... <callous> If you are developing it,
   expect to have to change often </callous>. ;)

RedHat, when using versions of PAM that may be binary incompatible with
previous releases, use of the word 'revised' rather than 'Sun changed the
spec on us, naughty naughty' would be appreciated. ;)

Just my $0.08 worth  (inflation ;) )


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