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Re: User "accounting" module


Amos Shapira wrote:
> I was going to add PAM support to the cistron radius daemon when
> I found that the only way to authenticate a user is to call
> pam_start, which is very expensive.  Did you find another way to
> merge RADIUSD and PAM?

Nope, I wasn't aware of the costs involved :-)  I have another
server running a hacked Livingston 1.16 with pam_start() but I do
not notice any problems.

This is a very simplistic patch, derived from the patches that
came from the popper, from "jab" (J Blaize I think).

Next thing to do is add session support.  I am currently working with
perl scripts that parse detail files and compute monthly and total
usage, but customers are interested in enforcing daily limits.
Instead of hard-wiring this into the radiusd, putting it in a PAM
module makes more sense so that we can use the same code for
handling other sorts of logins.

Miguel A.L. Paraz                                              +63-2-750-2288
IPhil Communications, Makati City, Philippines           http://www.iphil.net

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