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Re: My 1st Stupid pam Question(sh-utils and su problem)

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:

> Kelley L. wrote:
> > /etc/pam.d/su conflicts with file from pam-0.57-8
> > error: sh-utils-1.16-5.i386.rpm cannot be installed
> > 
> > I am not sure what to do at this point... 
> > Do I just force it or what?
> I would.

  I did, now I remember, when I installed pam-0.57-8, there was something
I had to do, it was to force it for the same reason... Probably when I
upgrade pam I will have to force it again...:) 

  I did keep the pam su, it is a little bit stricter, I like the root
wheel concept a lot.
 By the way, for anybody that does this, the sh-utils completely wipes out
the original su, so you better keep it or reinstall the pam version again.
Anybody on this list probably knows this, but if dummies like me are
browsing the lists, they might accidentally find this message.


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