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Re: User "accounting" module

Miguel A.L. Paraz wrote:
> We have access to Livingston source, but anything based on 2.0 radiusd
> cannot be freely redistributed.

Yes, that was my point...:-(

> With Cristian disappearing, anyone still interested in the PAM radiusd,
> or the one rewritten from scratch?  Seems like a monumental task to me.

I've been entertaining both of these ideas for a long time and
yesterday I gave up and started to write an ACE-based C++ server
for Radius.  Look at www.cs.wustl.edu:/~schmiodt/ACE.html for info
about the ACE framework, which should let me do some really nifty
(and PORTABLE) tricks like dynamic loading, multi-threading, multi-
processing, various system ops etc...  I hope to make this a
distributed server (so if the main server goes south then a
secondary server will have the info necessary to continue operation
as usual)

> I'd rather work on Cistron.  Miquel told me that he doesn't mind

Me too.

> people "taking over" its development.  Parts of it, like the
> simultaneous user blocking, seems ideal to be taken out of the main
> code and moved into a module.

Well, speaking of the simultaneous use - I though it would be nicer
to use some sort of a DBM file (with locks, so radzap won't get
into the way) instead of reading a sequencial file every time.

But we are on the PAM list - where is the Radius list?



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