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Re: chrooted accounts

Bryan Andregg wrote:
> The format for a chrooted account in /etc/passwd is for the user's home dir to
> be as follows:
> :/chroot/dir/./start:

This is news to me.  What was supposed to observe this convention?
(The redhat 'usercfg' utility certainly chokes on this when creating a new
account.)  Also slogin barfs on it too which on my system is still not

For chrooted accounts I prefer to use a wrapper to the user's shell that
places them where I want them: there is a tar.gz file in my pre-release
directory that contains the relevant wrapper: changeroot

> Is this a pam problem, a pwdb problem, a libc problem or my problem?

It would seem to me that the only programs that could be responsible for
enforcing this behavior are 'login' and 'su' and 'in.ftpd' etc.  I don't
think it is much of an issue for PAM or pwdb or libc.


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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