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Re: Radius stuff

Hi there,

This is the second try at sending this - I didn't see the first email make 
it to the list :(

I have a set of patches here for libpwdb and PAM to add authentication to 
pam_radius.so and allow programs to authenticate via radius through 
libpwdb.  I'm wondering if I should post the patches here, or send them to 
Cristian, or what - I'm also interested in getting some comment on them, 
given I've not written any pam/pwdb stuff before... :)

We're using these patches, plus a patch to cucipop, to authenticate 
clients on linux boxes via a radius server for telnet, ftp, pop, etc.

Kevin Littlejohn               darius@bofh.net.au    darius@wantree.com.au
Wantree Internet               Perth: 09 221 8899   Adelaide: 1800-804-395
Perth, Western Australia 6000                         fax: +61 89 221 8898
"Hours of frustration punctuated by moments of sheer terror" - a.s.r.

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