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Re: pam_opie module

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997 17:16:01 -0400 (EDT), Derrick J Brashear wrote: 

>>  	If I understand it correctly the whole point of PAM is 
>>  	to avoid having to "hack" each authentication client
>>  	(login, xdm, popd, ftpd, etc) for each authentication
>>  	method (DES, shadow, pwdb, MD5, big-DES, Kerberos, OPIE,
>>  	NIS and NIS+, and as yet unknown (custom auth via query
>>  	to an SQL db?)).
>>  	So, if we get xdm working properly with PAM than any 
>>  	new authentication scheme that is implemented in PAM
>>  	(SecurID, fingerprint readers, whatever!) should then
>>  	work with xdm with no further coding.
>Yes, but you need appropriate conversation functions first. The problem now is
>that for many applications those don't exist.

This is exactly the case, how can one implement a new authentication method if
the authentication conversation is different than the standard 'username:

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