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printing messages


I'm working on the pam_keylogin module for secure RPC. It works,
but I have a problem with printing warnings:

The module tries to get the secret key, encrypt it with the users
password, and send it to the local keyserv. The module gives always
PAM_SUCCESS back, since it isn't important to make the secret key
known to the keyserv daemon. (The user could use keylogin later,
if he uses a different password for the secret key then his login password).
But pam_keylogin should print out a warning, if it couldn't set the
secret key. 
My problem is: pam_keylogin will always print the warning, but I would
like to see the warning only, if the user is logged in correctly, not 
if the password is wrong.
Or isn't this possible, so that I have to call pam_keylogin always
after pam_unix_auth or pam_pwdb ?

Thorsten Kukuk  kukuk@vt.uni-paderborn.de
Linux is like a Vorlon.  It is incredibly powerful, gives terse,
cryptic answers and has a lot of things going on in the background.

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