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Simple conversation function / linking w/ pam_pwdb


I'm trying to create a PAM password changer for non-interactive changing,
for web-based and POP changers and the like.

I have been using expect but to talk to passwd over a telnet session 
but I've been having some bizarre problems with it.

Anyway, I'm trying to craft a conversation function to talk to pam_pwdb
based on pre-entered input, within variables.  We're not interactive here
since we have all the passwords already.  I'm basing it on the 
SimplePAMApps passwd.

However, when my conv function exists the first time, it segfaults.
I suspect it has to do with the handling of the pam_response**.  I
checked it against the source of misc_conv and it seems OK.

Does anyone have a similar function already?

Another alternative for debugging is statically linking it against
pam_pwdb. Any hint on how to debug this, or, recompile pam_pwdb
so that I can step into it for a clue?


Miguel A.L. Paraz                                              +63-2-750-2288
IPhil Communications, Makati City, Philippines           http://www.iphil.net

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