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Re: 2nd call: binary incompatibility

> "Andrew G. Morgan" writes:
> >I didn't get any feedback last time from Red Hat or Caldera, so here it is
> >again..

Well, first mail got lost ;) in fact, I'm using the 0.58 libs in
University environement and they work great. What might need some
improvement is the xdm Code. Using NIS, you log in through telnet almost
instantly, but using xm/kdm, it takes you almost 10 minutes :( and don't
ask me why... cause I'm no Coder and don't know where exactly to look

What bugs me, is that I'll have to upgrade all Systems as soon as you
folks changed it :) Well, I have to keep Binary Compatible with you folks
don't I ?. But better now than too late. so, just do it :)

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