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Another 2nd call: binary incompatibility

"Michael K. Johnson" writes:
>I'm assuming you will change misc_conv() to match when you make the
>change, and I can move to using misc_conv() instead of my hacked-up
>local versions.
>However, I don't know what the difference is; I don't see the discussion
>of this in the messages that discussed the pam_strerror() function earlier.
>Could you elaborate?

Now it's my turn to complain about a lack of response ;-) ;-)

Seriously, all the discussion has been about pam_strerror(), which
-- realistically speaking -- is an plain, simple, easy-to-fix thing.
Going through code to change it to put a pamh in all instances of
pam_stererror() is just not much work.

HOWEVER, I can imagine that a lot more work would be involved in
changing, and especially testing, conversation code.  Can we please
talk about what the changes to the conversation code are?



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