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Re: Another 2nd call: binary incompatibility

Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> "Michael K. Johnson" writes:
> >I'm assuming you will change misc_conv() to match when you make the
> >change, and I can move to using misc_conv() instead of my hacked-up
> >local versions.
> >
> >However, I don't know what the difference is; I don't see the discussion
> >of this in the messages that discussed the pam_strerror() function earlier.
> >Could you elaborate?
> Now it's my turn to complain about a lack of response ;-) ;-)


> HOWEVER, I can imagine that a lot more work would be involved in
> changing, and especially testing, conversation code.  Can we please
> talk about what the changes to the conversation code are?

The change is as follows: 

basically that we currently return the number of responses from a
conversation that match the number of "prompts" that the module sends. 
Sun/X/Open would have us return the responses in an array that matches the
number of "messages+promtps" with indices that match the original message
array.  This is conceptually simpler to implement, but has the disadvantage
that we have to tidy up the responses after every conversation - including
when we only print a warning.  I've taken the drop_reply code out of
misc_conv and turned it into a macro (_pam_drop_reply() in _pam_macros.h) to
aide in updating the code..

I've already fixed misc_conv (last night) and I got half way through the
modules making the changes - I got to pam_pwdb so I anticipate getting the
rest done tonight.

I fully expect there will be a number of patches needed to make this code
work flawlessly, but in Linus' style I'll release what I have tonight and
let people test it.

PS. I've had another bug report about pam_env giving garbled environment
variables.. If someone wants to look more closely at that I'd be grateful.


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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