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su fails

Hi all.  I'm not sure which package is actually doing it, but one of them
I've added prevents me from su'ing.  I'm pretty sure its pam-0.57-8.

Can someone tell me the latest stable version available?  It seems that
samba only works properly, at least for me, with pam-0.57-8.  Even then it
requires modifications to /etc/pam.d/samba.  Also, it seems the passwd
string from /etc/shadow is extrodiarily long: 


Why is this?  Following is the relevant versions that I'm currently using,
so hopefully someone can tell me if one of them is wrong:


Following is the contents of /etc/pam.d/su which is where I suppose the
problem is:

auth       required   pam_wheel.so use_uid
auth       sufficient pam_rootok.so
auth       required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
account    required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
password   required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
session    required   pam_pwdb.so
session    required   pam_limits.so

I really know nothing about pam yet, so I'd love to hear from you..

Thanks for any ideas,
Dave Wreski

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