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Re: su fails

> No, _I_ have put md5 there to give access to long passwords. You take that
> out, you lose :-)
> Your problem was using pam_unix_auth.so instead of pam_pwdb.so.
> pam_unix_auth.so does not read md5-crypted passwords.

This is /etc/pam.d/su that your talking about?  I'm not using
pam_unix_auth.so anywhere in that file:

auth       required   pam_wheel.so use_uid
auth       sufficient pam_rootok.so
auth       required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
account    required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
password   required   pam_pwdb.so shadow md5
session    required   pam_pwdb.so
session    required   pam_limits.so

> md5 is not a checksum there. It is used as a safe hasing method for longer
> passwords (don't you are bored about 8 char passwords ? Wouldn't you love
> to type your favorite poem at the login: prompt ? :-)

Yes, that would certainly be desireable, especially on my external

Any ideas what I can do next?  Is pam-0.57 the latest?


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