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PAM & Samba troubles

I have Redhat 4.1 installed on a 486 pc on a LAN with a Win 95 client.

I recently upgraded my Samba RPM to samba-1.9.17p1-3 it required
pam-0.57-2 and it then required pwdb-0.54-4.  I now cannot connect to
the samba services with the win95 client.  It asks for a password to
make a connection to the resource and then tells me the password is
incorrect.  I have also lost rlogin, rexec, rsh, nfs etc.

So therefore I have lost my file server and print server that used samba
and other remote services.  I have searched through the PAM docs and
pwdb docs to no avail.  No errors are showing up in the logs either.

HELP please, I am stumped after many hours of hacking at this.

"I love you, you love me, I will eat your family."   -Barney-
Tom & Elizabeth Hutchison                     tomhutch@oregontrail.net
http://www.oregontrail.net/~tomhutch                     WWW Home Page

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