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Re: Token card support in PAM.

Alan DeKok <alan@cryptocard.com> writes:

>   I've just implemented PAM support for CRYPTOCard tokens, using a
> library we've been developing.  Some comments and questions follow..
>   The PAM code isn't ready for prime-time yet, but it does work, and
> is even fairly straightforward.
>   I'd like to see generic "token card" support in PAM, with plug-ins
> for various manufacturers.  This isn't intended to make their life
> easier, but to up the ante by having an existing standard that we
> support and they don't. ;-)

  More and more of the token card vendors that we have been talking to are
moving towards supporting radius in one form or another.  It should be
fairly easy to write a generic radius backend that would support more than
one token card manufacturer.

  Aventail's socks server supports a few token cards in this manner
(securid is still a separate module though).  I'm looking at adding a
module to our socks server to talk to PAM as well.

-Bill P.

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