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Re: Token card support in PAM.

Alan DeKok wrote:
>   How does this interact with Sun?

Try and work with the most recent pre-release of the Linux-PAM library (this
is 0.59preA) as this is, to my knowledge, completely compatible with Sun's

>   What we will probably end up doing is giving away the PAM code and
> our shared library, and have the administrative tools and tokens
> available for $$.  We'd like to have the PAM code come standard with
> PAM, as it gets us a wider distribution.  If people can figure out how

The only real problem with this is one of licensing: you have to be prepared
to release the code for "Free" (GNU or BSD flavor)..

> to use/abuse the token card support without having access to tokens,
> that's fine by us.

Then this is fine.

>   Do people have comments which will help us make the token card
> support friendlier?  Any ideas or suggestions on the interface and
> implementation?

Keep it simple and document it.  Think about things like can we make the
module work with different cards for different applications?  Does your
module support this?  Could you add a module argument to make the module
look in a per-application configuration file?


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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