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Re: ssh & PAM

I know this doesnt' really answer your question, but I'm using that rpm
off of replay.com and it works very well -- in fact, it did a lot for
clearing up the "You don't exist go away" problem with redhat + nis + ssh
that others are having...

Granted, I'm just using NIS so i'm not really stress testing its ssh
support the way someone using opie or something might. =)


[W]ith IBM having abandoned any attempt to keep OS/2 in the low-end
niche, it looks like Linux is increasingly the only viable, ______________
non-Microsoft-assimilated desktop PC operating system.     /   jhebert
-- David Sewell <dsew@packrat.aml.arizona.edu> in c.s.m.a / @compu-aid.com

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, Andrew Pimlott wrote:

> Sorry if this has already been discussed (are the old archives lost 
> forever?), but has anyone involved with Linux-PAM reviewed the PAM patch 
> to ssh posted by chenj@rpi.edu?  It seems straigtforward enough, but I'd 
> like to have a little more than a random message to go by.
> (A search of the ssh mailing list archives shows that the author is
> interested in including PAM support into the standard distribution, but I
> didn't find any discussion of the merits of chenj's code.  An rpm'ed
> version of ssh with this patch is available from replay.com .)
> Andrew
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