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Re: PAM support for Cyrus IMAPD??

Wes Brown (wes@prozac.eeap.cwru.edu) wrote:
> > to do any hacking on Cyrus.  Just wondering, does anyone know of a stub pam
> > 'socket' which could be placed into Cyrus?
> > 
> > > It should be possible to do, as the stock UW imapd
> > > RPM has PAM support.
> Is this the RPM from redhat or did someone roll there own?
> I was just going to start working on this with the developer of UW's IMAPd
> for the purpose of getting it added to the main source distribution.

IIRC the UW server is the redhat one.  The Cyrus server allows you to put a 
mail server on a linux boxen w/o adding actual accounts on the machine, 
allowing an administrator to lock down access to that machine.  Currently Cyrus
supports authnication from a U*ix passwor file, or Kerberos.  Adding pam 
support would allow an administrator (like myself) *lots* more options for
authentication (i.e. Radius, NT_pdc/SMB, LDAP, etc.). I'm sure that it's just
a matter of programming :-)

any help that anyone could give me on this would be greatly appreceated.  I 
have just enough C/C++ experiance to be dangerous, but I'm sure that I could 
cobble together some bits and make the work if I had some help.

Thanks in advance,


> Wes
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> Wes Brown
> ewb4@po.cwru.edu		wes@smellycat.com
> http://prozac.cwru.edu/wes/About.me.html
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