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Re: Service names

Alan Wright writes:
> I've been through the PAM RFC and I've been through lots of the RedHat
> PAM Web pages and there's one thing I haven't seen discussed.
> How do I know what the service is called within the application, i.e.
> how do I know what to name the file in /etc/pam.d so that it is
> recognized by the service. It seems that the service name is just an
> arbitrary text string passed at the API.

True (although it is not case sensitive).

> Take ftp as an example (please don't respond explaining ftp - it is only
> to illustrate the question), should the file be named ftp, ftpd, in.ftpd
> wu-ftpd? Suppose the implementer chose to use agrv[0]?


Please think twice about using argv[0].  Other than that there is
no mandatory scheme.



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