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Re: proposed pam_listfile patch

Andrew Morgan wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm catching up on posted patches for PAM and have been trying to make
> sense of one from Christopher McCrory (no offense intended for not
> using the verbatim submitted patch itself).  Because I was nervous
> about the way the patch was written, I have tried to rewrite it and
> now I cannot verify if it is exactly as intended or exactly the
> reverse(!)
> Can someone that actually uses pam_listfile please tell me if the
> following patch correctly logs erroneous attempts to login, or logs
> successes as failures and lets impostors pass!? :^(
> Thanks!
> Andrew

	Did you get anyone to verify this?  I am on another round of rpm
building for a system upgrade.  I was going to snarf some of the patches
and modules from the list and ftp.kernle.org and make a big pam rpm. 
Are any/all the patches on the CVS tree?  Is the CVS tree
public/readonly?  Are you about to release a Linux-PAM-0.66 ?

	The original DEBUG stuff in pam_listfile looked goofy to me too:)

Christopher McCrory
Lead Bithead, Netus Inc.

"Linux: Because rebooting is for adding new hardware"

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