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Re: proposed pam_listfile patch

Christopher McCrory writes:
> Andrew Morgan wrote:
> 	Did you get anyone to verify this?  I am on another round of rpm
> building for a system upgrade.  I was going to snarf some of the patches
> and modules from the list and ftp.kernle.org and make a big pam rpm. 
> Are any/all the patches on the CVS tree?  Is the CVS tree
> public/readonly?  Are you about to release a Linux-PAM-0.66 ?

I've been sitting on this trying to make a decision... Alan DeKok of
cryptocard wants me to include pam_radius in the main
distribution. I'm hesitating because I don't want to get personally
involved in the distribution of anything that uses reversible
encryption.  Alan assures me that encryption when it is used for
authentication (as in the case of Radius' password distribution) is
completely fine to export from the US.  This is my understanding too,
but I'd really feel better if I could hear a lawyer say that.

What to do?


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