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Re: adding RADIUS to pam

IANAL, but...

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Andrew Morgan wrote:

> But.  By exporting source code, can I be sure _I_ am not taking
> responsibility for not breaking the bit about "does not allow for
> encryption of data"?  I cannot see where the ITAR rules make allowance
> for the export of source code that does any flavor of reversible
> encryption.  This is why I want to hear a lawyer say one way or the
> other.

Yeah, this seems problematic: the source code that implements the crypto
can sill be ripped out and used as a full tilt crypto engine, right? If
so, I would have to think you _can't_ export it (though I really wish you
could!) since exporting a nuclear detonator in a box full of various heavy
mechanical parts marked "various geek paperweights" (ie, indicating that
the intended use of the components is agreeable with ITAR) probably isn't
enough if someone can download/buy it and mine the source for the

But, like I said, IANAL.


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