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	I hate to sound particulary dense here, but I need, at the very
least, a pointer to some code to give me an example of what I'm wanting to

	cyrus IMAPd has a pwcheck daemon that does the userid
authentication.  Basically, IMAP/POP sends a request to the daemon with
the userid/passwd, and the pwcheck daemon answers back "yes" or "no", as
appropriate.  Nothing more.

	Now, I want to add PAM authentication to that daemon, but haven't
got a clue where to start.

	I looked at the pam man page, and everything *seems* pretty
straight forward, except for the pam_conv routines...

	If I'm reading correctly, this defines the "conversation" that
takes place in order to get the userid/passwd from the user.  Now, this is
where i'm lost, since I've already got the userid/passwd, I just want to
pass it to PAM such that it authenticates for me...

	I've got the "Application Developers guide" printed out, which is
giving me a start, but it references a pam_conv of 'misc_conv', that, so
far, eludes me as to where to find it...

Any help appreciated...


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