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non-interactive authentications...

I was reading through the archives, and someone mentioned an upcoming
libpam_client.a that will have functionality for such, but I was thinking
about it, and could you not "cheat"?

I'm trying to build a PAM wrapper for pwcheck, used in Cyrus IMAPd, for
authentication.  Basically, the IMAPd/POP daemon(s) connect, via a socket,
to the pwcheck daemon to authenticate.  They pass over a userid/passwd,and
get back a yes/no answer.

Now, you pass the userid to pam_start(), and then the pam_conv does the
actual conversation for the passwd...right?  If this is the case, why not
cheat and just make the passwd a global variable that pam_conv uses,
instead of going through the conversation phase?

Does this make any sense?  Has anyone done something like this?  Or is
this just not possible?


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