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Large passwd file slowness

I am running a RedHat 5.1 server with about 13,000 users, and started
seeing the login slowness that has been discussed on this list in the

I did a little more looking into it and it seems the source of the
slowness is the "account" portion of the pam_pwdb module.  I wrote up a
quick modification on pam_deny that instead of denying everything,
succeeds on everything, replaced the "account" module in /etc/pam.d/login
with that, and everything is really quick now.  I don't use password aging
or anything, so this should be safe, shouldn't it? 

Also I am wondering if this is a known issue, if there are any better
fixes, etc.  Briefly glancing at the pam_pwdb code, I didn't see any 
obvious reasons why its "account" portion would be slow...


Bob Farmer                                      ucs_brf@unx1.shsu.edu
University Computer Services, Sam Houston State Univ.   (409)294-3547

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