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Re: Does PAM support virtual users?

Hi, Ingo,

Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:

> > I'd like to use PAM for introducing virtual users into my email system.
> Forget it. PAM is not meant for that.

That's what I expected. :-(

> Consider using a name-service-switch module, like nss_ldap. In my personal
> experience with a web-hosting environment, it works very nice and clean,
> with absolutely *no* custom code at all.

What's a name-service-switch module? Something similar to PAM? If so, could
you please give me pointers?

> Also, drop the idea of "virtual" users. Use real users, with a namespace
> large enough to support it.

I see no advantages with real users. I have to care for /etc/passwd, for
/etc/shadow, I have to care for UID's. In my experience all these things
seem to be dangerous and error prone. What disadvantages do you see?



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