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Re: Does PAM support virtual users?

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Jochen Wiedmann wrote:
> What's a name-service-switch module? Something similar to PAM? If so, could
> you please give me pointers?

Someone else answered this. For the nss_ldap module, see
http://www.xedoc.com.au/~lukeh/ldap/nss_ldap.tar.gz or

> I see no advantages with real users.

Its standard. With real users, every application works right out of the
box. Its much more future-proof.

> I have to care for /etc/passwd, for /etc/shadow, I have to care for
> UID's. In my experience all these things seem to be dangerous and error
> prone.

With a different name-service-switch, you don't have to use the files
anymore. We keep our complete users database in an LDAP directory and it
works flawlessly.

> What disadvantages do you see?

You can't support a solution that is based on custom patches. You either
have to get any necessary changes into the main distribution itself (which
is possible when using the standard libc modules but not with a custom
solution) and build something that does not require any application

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