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Re: passwd-error under su-session

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998 leich@wiwi.uni-marburg.de wrote:

> I needed to write an expect-script to do "su -l <user>" and execute
> "passwd" for that user. The problem is, that the passwd tries to change
> the passwd for the user who launched "su -l <user>" and not for the one
> launching passwd.

The problem is that the pamified version of passwd that you have (Simple
PAM Apps, IIRC--it's been a while) tries to identify the user via their
login info, rather than using their current uid, and only root is
permitted to override.  There are versions available which do what you
want, but I don't know which would be appropriate for your
situation--there are probably going to be library conflicts (glibc; pam
itself) with some of the newer offerings (perhaps even from source).  I
could be completely wrong; the only RH4.2 machines I have on hand have
have been so thoroughly reworked in any case that nothing I have is likely
to be of any use.  The passwd program I have, IAC, is a
passwd-0.50 rpm.  Hopefully someone else here will have a more definite

Speaking as I programmer, I'd say the easiest solution is to download the
source to the version you already have, change those couple of lines, and
recompile... :)

-Steve Langasek

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