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pam_smb development versions 1.3.x alpha versions

	pam_smb has gone back into development (spare time at last :-),
the latest stable version is 1.1, and the development versions are
numbered 1.3.x, they are available from samba mirrors in the
subdirectory of the samba dir, the latest release version is 1.3.4 and it
has a daemon which supports caching and username mapping,

the latest version needs berkeley db (1.85 or 2.0) amd compiles under,
RH > 4.2 and Solaris 2.6, 

web pages http://www.csn.ul.ie/~airlied/pam_smb/
primary ftp site ftp://ftp.csn.ul.ie/pub/linux/pam/pam_smb/

please download from the samba.org mirrors if possible !!

the latest version is always available from the anonymous samba CVS
repository, this may be a later version than the FTP site contains.

the module name is pam_smb, http://cvs.samba.org/cvs.html

any questions as usual to airlied@samba.org or airlied@linux.ie


------------ David Airlie, David.Airlie@ul.ie,airlied@skynet --------
Telecommunications Research Centre, ECE Dept, University of Limerick \
http://www.csn.ul.ie/~airlied	-- Telecommunications Researcher      \
--- TEL: +353-61-202695 -----------------------------------------------

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