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Re: radius in pwdb and pam_pwdb

> I didn't included radius support to pwdb, it has been there, my patch only
> tries to make is work somehow.

  With the caveat that Christian is working on a new libpwdb, which
may be released sometime soon.
> I think You are missing the idea and purpose of pam and pwdb.
> I want radius to provide all data about users, ant that is what is pwdb
> for, not only checking password, and that is pam (pam_auth_radius and
> pam_pwdb).  
> I'm trying to do something like NIS with flexibility of radius.

  Radius wasn't meant to do that.  It's currently impossible to do
authorization (e.g. NIS information) without authentication.

  I was planning on modifying the Cistron radius server to handle
informational packets, and then writing an nss_radius module.  I've
already got a RADIUS library written, and a UNIX dictionary for a
radius server. See:




  Alan DeKok.

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