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0.66 tonight?


I was all set to release 0.66 last night.  But then I fell over some CVS
related problems.. I've been using CVS to store Linux-PAM on my machine
for about 6 months, which has meant rearranging a number of things,
notably with respect to the way things build.

The bottom line is that as a user I've got quite used to using CVS over
the last year or so, but have not really had much experience
administering it.  Cristian has been encouraging me to use a Red Hat
owned CVS repository, but I've since discovered that my connection to
the Internet is somewhat prohibitive wrt firewalls etc. and for now that
looks problematic.  [I'll release a CVS tree along the lines that Andrey
has been releasing a CVS tree for SimplePAMApps, so people can do what
they will with that.]

So, I'll try again tonight to get my CVS stuff in order and make a
release.  I've not been able to get the code to compile on my redhat 5.2
box.  There seem to be a number of silly clashes between the kernel
headers and the glibc headers. Perhaps someone will make some
suggestions when they download the code.

0.66 will likely be a little more in the Linus style of release. So get
your shovels/umbrellas/swatters/whatevers out... ;^)



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